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Temptar Air-conditioning Condensers

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Tempstar Air-conditioning Air Handlers

AHX4800A 4-Ton Air Handler w/ TXV R-22

AHX2400A 2-Ton Air Handler w/ TXV R-22

EBV2400A 2-Ton Deluxe Air-Handler Variable Speed R-22

EBV6000A 5-Ton Deluxe Air-Handler Variable Speed R-22

Note: All Air-Handlers and coils (listed below) can be installed using the new R-410A by ordering an optional TX Valve.


Tempstar Air-conditioning Coils

EDM2X24BA 2-Ton Munlti Position Coil R-22

EDM2X30FA 2.5-Ton Munlti Position Coil R-22

EDM2X42JA 3.5-Ton Munlti Position Coil R-22

EDD2X24BA 2-Ton Coil R-22

EDD2X30BA 2.5-Ton Coil R-22


Tempstar Gas Furnace

N9MP2050B12A 90% Nat. Gas Furnace





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